Keepers of God's Fortresses’ (KGF) was founded in April of 2010 by Beatrice Katshunga in Cape Town, South Africa. KGF is a ministry focused and centered on prayer. Prayer engages heaven to work and act on our behalf as we acknowledge that we are limited and yet have a limitless, all powerful God, who desires to see His people reach their FULL potential in Him. As a ministry, our aim is to provide a platform where prayer can become more central in the life of a believer. We are passionate about two main things; the first is seeing families, churches and the nations restored to God’s original intent and the second is to see the Will of God being done on earth as it is in heaven. We hope that through prayer, training, workshops, conferences, and seminars, families would be restored to God’s original design. That God would raise an intercessor in every household around the world until Jesus returns. We hope for the church to once again take up a place of authority and moral standing in society and lastly, that the nations would passionately turn back to God. Huge undertaking , but through the power of God, all things are possible.

  1. Equip intercessors worldwide to pray effectively

  2. Young people to have a passion for prayer

  3. Raise awareness of the spiritual realities that govern our nations

  4. Train men and women to engage in spiritual warfare that yields tangible results

  5. Re-establish the kingdom of God as the first and final authority in our world

High Fives
  1. Hosting International conferences on prayer and themes surrounding prayer

  2. Organising interactive workshops and training sessions to increase understanding and effectiveness in prayer

  3. Host days of intercession where men and women will be given the opportunity to pray corporately uninterrupted.

  4. Host family prayer meetings

  5. Create a platform for young people to be trained on prayer