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A Call to Intimacy

Gospel Ramah Church

Pastor Beatrice Katshunga

12 May 2019


Every station you find yourself with God isn't the last one. There is so much of God that you still need to discover and experience.

1. God is the Initiator No one can call themselves into intimacy with God. - Only God can initiate an intimate relationship with you.

For example: I. Moses 3:1-5 Moses did not go out with his flock with the intention of meeting God. - God made the first move. - You have a choice to respond to God's call or to ignore Him. - In order for you to have an intimate relationship with God, you need to pay attention to what He is doing in each season of your life.

II. Paul - Acts 9:1-5 Paul was zealously on his way to persecute the Church. - God interrupted him on his journey. - Paul responded and asked who God was. - You hold the key that allows you to enjoy an intimate relationship with God. How you respond to His call determines how your relationship will be. - In your journey in life, God is going to interrupt you to direct you to His purpose for your life.

III. Church - 3:16 Jesus came down and died for our sins. - God chose us whilst we were still sinners. - How you respond to His salvation determines the type of relationship. you will have with Him. - 1 Corinthians 2:14 - A carnal mind can never understand the things of the Spirit.

Is the place where you are a place of intimacy with God? - How is your heart posture towards God? Is it the same as when you got born again?

One of the reasons God calls you to an intimate relationship with Him is to prepare you for what He is about to do in and through your life. - The enemy has a tendency of trying to distract you to what God has in store for you. - God wants you take His relationship with you deeper. - Never settle on having a mediocre relationship with God.

2. What is intimacy? The experience of really knowing and being known by another person.

Yadda - deeply knowing God and being closely connected to Him. - Experiential knowledge of God.

John 17:20-23 Our lives need to be intertwined with God's. - Intimacy is brought about by the changes you make and efforts you put to draw close to God as He draws closer to you.

3. What intimacy requires: I. Inner desire - to experience God - You can never be drawn to something you do not desire. - Psalm 63:1-3; 42:1-2 - Your life needs to be wholly dependent on God and your intimate relationship with Him. - Your soul needs to desire for God.

Inner longing - for more of Him. - Your body needs to long for God.

There is a cry that needs to come from every child of God desiring to know God more.

God's presence will fully satisfy you when you truly seek after Him.

As you become intimate with God, learn to have moments of silence to hear what He desires for you and the life He has given you. - You need to pay attention to what God is saying to you through different means/ways. - Prayer is a two way relationship; God speaks and you listen and you speak and God listens.

II. Pursuit - wanting to have more of God. * Spend time with God in prayer - Set aside time to spend daily with God. - Intimacy with God isn't rushed and it needs to be private. It is an opportunity for God to pour Himself into you. - Hebrews 4:14-16

* Studying the Word of God - James 4:4-8 - Prayer needs to be coupled with the Word of God.

* Fasting

* Spending time together - James 4:4-8

* Transparency - Hebrews 10:22 Never have a hidden agenda when spending time with God. - Your motives should be pure.

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