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The Supreme End of Our Intercession

Gospel Ramah Church Bishop Tshalo Katshunga 30 June 2019


John 18:1; John 16:20 Intercession is critical in times of distress. - God is resourceful, willing and able to intervene on our behalf.

The transition from words (prayer) to works (action) is difficult. - People confuse prayer and practical works. - You cannot pray without God giving you the solution to what you are praying for. - People find it difficult to act on what God is saying as it requires them to be out of their comfort zone. - If intercession remains in words it is not effective as it is meant to transit into works. - You need to be willing to act upon what God lays on your heart to do. - The supreme end of our intercession is for God to raise us as solutions.

The ministry of intercession (ministry of love) is meant to develop us into willing actors. - As a child of God, you need to be willing to do something about what you are praying for. - Intercession turns intercessors to become solutions to what they are praying about.

- Many people choose to just pray and not an act on what God lays on their heart to do. - You cannot pray to God for people in need without God making you the answer to their problems. - When you pray, God creates in you a willing spirit to do what He has called you to do. - When people encounter God they change their perspectives and priorities.

Don't wait for someone else to address issues, you do it! - Jesus chose to lose His own life for the redemption of humanity. - He crossed the valley in order for humanity to be saved. - When you pray, you view life the way God views it.

What vision do you have with the life God has given you? - Isaiah 6:8

Intercessory prayer, if practiced properly, forces us to think seriously about what to do to improve our environment and the people who live in it. - Intercession - improving the fate of  people.

What are you going to cross over to the other side for because you prayed? - God will never disappoint you when you place your life in God's hands. - Christianity is not a selfish religion.

Supreme End of Intercession = God creating a willing heart in you to act on what you are praying about.

1. Self sacrifice Your prayer is meaningless if you are not willing to self sacrifice. - Being willing to serve God with your time, talent and treasure. -  Isaiah 6:8 -  Lord, here I am, send me! - God appreciates it when you self sacrifice.

John 10:17 If you want to be loved by God, you need to be willing to self sacrifice. - God pays special attention to those who are willing to go an extra mile to do what He has called them to be.

- Every Christian that is abundantly blessed by God have one character in common, they are givers (time, talents & treasure).

Without sacrifice there is no beauty. - God loves people who sacrifice. - A Christian life becomes relevant when it makes an impact in other people's lives. - Whenever you self sacrifice, you die to self.

John 15:12-13 Until you sacrifice for someone, you don't love them enough. - The language of love is sacrifice. - How have you sacrificed for God? - What have you sacrificed for people to get to know God?

Romans 12:1-2 God's grace is not for you to consume but contribute.

Self sacrifice is the essence of true love. - Prayer without practical action is a mockery. - Love is a verb; it comes with a cost and requires practical action.

2. Sustained Service Find opportunities to serve and make a difference.

John 13:12-17 Don't put too much conditions you need before you begin to serve. - It is serving one another that speaks to why we pray.

Romans 12:3-7 We all have a gift that God has given us to be a blessing to humanity.

Galatians 6:7-9; Hebrews 6:10-12; 1 John 3:16-18 You need to cross from Words (prayer) to works (practical action).

Sustained Service is the mark of true love. - You prove your love when you serve others. - Prayer should lead us to sacrificial service.


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