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Come Up Here

Title: Come Up Here

Preacher: Ps Beatrice Katshunga

Date: 14 January 2021

May God remember you for all your good works.

• It is never in vain to serve the Lord.

Never take for granted the Word of God

• Learn to hear the Word of God through your spirit in order for you to enjoy it's fulfillment.

May God give you grace not to only speak about His power but for you to desire to see and experience His power in your own life.

• Have a desire to know God intimately and expect Him to speak to you.

• There is so much of God that you are yet to experience.

Do not allow yourself to settle for a mediocre relationship with God.

• Make it your goal to pursue God's presence at all times and to knowil Him intimately.

Revelations 4:1

Consecrate your 5 senses to God so that you get to experience Him wherever you find yourself.

• God speaks to us in different ways not just verbally.

• Learn to hear and see God.

• God is calling you to come up higher and experience Him at a deeper dimension.

You need to be elevated in your spirit:

1. Atmosphere

What kind of atmosphere are you creating?

• Stop creating toxic atmospheres around you.

• Where there is no joy, peace and love, God is not there.

• God wants you to create an atmosphere wherever you are that reflects His presence in your life. Do life differently.

2. Attitude

The attitude that will determine your altitude is an attitude that is focused on having faith in God.

• When you have faith in God, all things become possible.

• Believe that no matter the circumstances you face, God remains your God through it all.

• Are you believing God for something or have you stopped believing in Him?

Never allow logic to stand in your way to believe the Word of God.

Do not allow fear to stand in the way of your breakthrough.

Learn to believe and accept the word of God released over your life by your spiritual parents.

3. Action

Your miracles are waiting for you to do what God is prompting you to do.

Develop hunger and thirst for God's presence.

• Desire to experience God's presence for yourself.

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