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KGF Prayer Conference 2019: Day 1

Psalm 19:1, Psalm 24:1, Psalm 29:1-2

There is power of creation in God's Word.

Genesis 15:7-11 What has been attacking your personal prayer altar? - Drive away anything that has been trying to take you away from your time of prayer and personal encounters with God.

Intercession for Tribes

Even if you live in a city, you are connected to a tribe. - As an intercessor, if you possess the gates of tribes, you would have conquered the land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 There is a land where your forefathers used to live. - There is an opposition that hasn't been opposed; the tribe opposition. - They are people who are controlled by their ancestoral or tribal links.

In each tribe there are people of God. - When you pray for  your tribe, God will heal the land where your forefathers were raised.

Some of the resistance you face is linked to the ancestral lineage you come from.

Isaiah 58:12 Your generation is rooted in your tribe. - You need to revisit the foundation of the tribe you come from. - In every tribe there is a remnant that God has set aside for Himself.

Ezekiel 22:30 You need to stand in the gap for your tribe. - Research what your tribe is known for, it's strengths and weaknesses.

Psalm 11:3 What are you going to do about the foundations of your tribe that have been destroyed.

We need to possess the gates of tribes as intercessors.

Judges 5:8; Genesis 49:1-8


1. It is a gate You need to possess that gate as an intercessor. - God has plans for each tribe. - What was God's plan for your tribe?

Where God is not reigning other gods reign. - The authority, power and covenant of the other gods oppress tribes when God is not their Lord. - You need to introduce and speak the heart of God into your tribe. - There is an opposition that remains unopposed.

2. Callings Every tribe has a calling. - For example, the tribe of Judah had a kingly anointing. - The devil does all he can to manipulate tribes not to know their calling. he doesn't want the callings to manifest.

Tribes have specific anointing for their callings according to the redemptive purpose and destinies that God has given them.

As a family, pray for the tribe you are coming from. - The God of all tribes need to rule and not the god of the tribe.

3. Tribes have thrones and altars that need to be broken.

Learn to pray in your mother tongue.  - God gave it to you for a purpose.

4. Territories Tribes have territories they reign in Joshua 13:15-25: 18:20, 28

5. Laws (culture) Tribes have laws that govern them. - Who is speaking laws over your tribe? - Is it God or the ancestors?

6. Tradition and customs Some tradition and customs are good and others bad.

7. Specific prophetic blessings There are prophetic blessings spoken over the tribe of Judah that Jesus operated under. - You need to evoke the blessings that God has spoken over your specific tribe.

Who has been speaking over your tribes?

8. Inheritance Joshua 13:7; 18:20-28, 19:23 God has allotted inheritance for every tribe. - What is God's inheritance for your tribe?

It is not God's will for you to inherit the curses of your tribe.

9. Covenant and agreements What are the covenants that your tribe have made? You need to know them as you are bound to them. - You need to bring your tribe into covenant with God.

10. Cursed or blessed Jacob cursed the tribe of Reuben. - As an intercessor you need to declare the blessings of the Lord and reverse the curses on your tribe. - Deuteronomy 33:1 - As you intercede for tribes, God will lead you to break the curses and declare blessings.

11. Gifting and potential God has given specific gifts and potential to every tribe.

12. Priesthood It is either a defiled priesthood or a godly priesthood.

13. Identity Every tribe has its own identity.

14. Symbols Some tribes are connected to a certain animal. - You end up having characteristics similar to the animal of associated to the animal.

15. Specific sin Every tribe has a specific sin that affects people tied to it.

Prayer Point

Lord help me to pray for my tribe. - The plans of the enemy over my tribe will not stand nor come to pass - Isaiah 7:7

1 Chronicles 14:15-16

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