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KGF Prayer Conference 2019: Day 2

Raising intercessory gate keepers for the tribal gate

Isaiah 28:6; Isaiah 61:1-4 You are anointed, the spirit of the Lord is upon you to become a gate keeper of your tribe.

The devil hides in ignorance. - You need to pray for God to give you the spirit of discernment.

A Gate Keeper: 1. Prophetic legislative intercessors who will undo the demonic legislation and enact God's will.

Esther 3:8-9 God is raising you to undo demonic laws over your tribe that are hindering your tribe. - God wants to restore His will over your tribe.

Who is surrounding the throne of the king of your tribe? - Write a decree concerning your tribe as a Child of God.  - You need to revoke the satanic wars governing your family and tribe.

There is always a solution before you face any challenge.

2. A gate keeper is an intercessor who operates under an apostolic and prophetic anointing. - Spiritual warriors who invade, take over and possess the tribe and enforce the kingdom of God over their tribe.

God is a Man of war who wages war through you. - God let your Kingdom come over our tribe and Your will be done over our tribe as it is in heaven.

Zechariah 10:5-8; There is time to cry and time to decree the Word of God.

As an intercessor you need to have revelation of God regarding His intention for your tribe. - Never despise the tribe you were born in, God never makes a mistake.

3. A gate keeper is an intercessor who is prophetic in nature. They bring down and uproot the demonic rule over their tribe. - Jeremiah 1:10 - You have been anointed for destruction of demonic altars in your tribe.

4. A gate keeper is a watchman who watch over and warns the tribe.

5. A gate keeper births out the original tribe and restore its God given identity. - Isaiah 66:8-9 - You need to give birth to the tribe that God intended it to be.

As everyone prays for their tribes, their intercession defeats the opposition that has been possessing the nation.

Haggai 2:22; Isaiah 19:1; Psalm 24:7

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