The God of Breakthrough

Title: God of the Breakthrough

Preacher: Ps Beatrice Katshunga

Date: 13 January 2021

Mark 16:1-3

1 Chronicles 14:8-17

David became an enemy of the Philistines because he had killed Goliath.

• When the Philistines came out to fight David, David went out to fight them too.

• David inquired from God, if he should go ahead and fight the Philistines. God gave him permission to do so.

• Whatever challenge you face, learn to inquire of the Lord first before you do things your way.

Your breakthrough will be by the Spirit of God.

• God is going to overcome all your enemies.

God is a God of the breakthrough.

• No matter what is standing in your way, God is able to break through it.

• Trust God for a miracle in the situation you are facing.

• Trust God to establish His power in your life.

• God's mighty rushing wind is removing things that have attached themselves to your life that are not from Him.

Believe that God's power has no limits; He is able and willing to intervene on your behalf.

This night is a night of miracles.

• Trust God for mighty breakthroughs

• As you pray, touch where you want God to intervene.

• Write in your notebook what you are trusting God for. You are going to testify of God's faithfulness in your life.

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