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The Object of Our Intercession

Gospel Ramah Church

Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

26 May 2019


Intercession always precedes breakthroughs. John 17:1a

Jesus always looked up to heaven and prayed. - It was a spiritual movement to connect with God.

The Object of our intercession is God. - Father God is the sole Object of our Intercession. Knowing that God would do what is right in granting the petition that we present should fill us with comfort and boldness. - God is the Object of prayer not the need that you are presenting to Him. - God is not obliged to answer all your prayers as He will do what is right for you. - When things don't go according to what you prayed for, do not be dismayed; God has your best interest at heart.

Looked toward heaven - Until you connect with God, prayer will be fruitless. - Real level of prayer is the time you spend alone praying. Proper prayer is when you know only God knows you have been praying. - Any prayer item that doesn't locate God first is problematic. - The state of your heart plays a major role in determining the level of your prayer. - Trust God that He knows better.

You cannot pray for someone who doesn't know God when you yourself do not have a personal relationship with God. - The strength of intercession lies in your relationship with God. - The deeper the relationship the longer the conversation.

You need to trust God's heart (love) and head (wisdom).

Seven particulars to be prioritised in our intercession: 1. The glory of God Glory = God's honor - Before you pray, first reflect if what you are praying for honors God. - How will God be honoured by granting my prayer request? - Always check the motives of your prayer requests. - Do not pray so that you can boost your self esteem when God answers.

Everyone has a choking place of blessing. - This is when blessings turn you away from God. - God will not answer certain prayers to ensure that you do not choke. - Every time you pray, you are in danger of thinking that God doesn't know your motives.

2. The purposes of God Before you pray, seek if it is according to God's purpose. - God what is your purpose in this situation? - What does God want? - Without an intimate relationship with God, you will not know His will. - The purpose of God should be primary in the heart of an intercessor. - Sometimes what doesn't make sense to us makes a lot of sense to God.

When you go against the will of God, heaven will stand against you. - Jonah had to be thrown off the boat because he was running away from the will of God.

- As an intercessor your primary role is to defend the interest of God and not only plead the case of people. - When you know the purpose of God, it will change how you pray.

3. The revelation of God Until the revelation of God comes into your heart, you are in danger. - Sometimes, God does not answer prayers because they end up being a tool of destruction. He will rather not give you what you are asking for than lose you because of an answered prayer. - Always seek the will of God before you engage Him in prayer. - God knows what is best. - May God reveal Himself to you.

To know God is much better than getting things from God.

4. The grace of God If God does something it's because He wants to do it. - Anything we receive from God is because He wants to give. - He doesn't give because you prayed. - Our prayers do not move God, they are an act of obedience to His will. - Your prayer doesn't move God, it is His grace. - God doesn't have to answer all your prayers. He will answer because He is a gracious and loving Father. - Whenever God answers your prayers be humble as it is an act of grace. - No amount of prayer or fasting makes things happen but God's grace to hear and answer your prayer requests.

5. The protection of God Protection comes first before provision. - To be protected by God is better than receiving from Him. - Everything that comes before God's protection is in danger. - Give God space to respond in ways He sees fit. - You need God to protect you from both self and the external enemy.

The Israelites where in the wilderness for 40 years and God ensured that both their shoes and clothes did not wear out. - God is able to intervene at that level in your life too.

6. The providence of God Divine Providence - Mysterious ways God brings about to lead people to their destination. - God use of unconventional ways to answer prayers.

Genesis 50:20 Joseph suffered for 13 years and God blessed him with 80 years of blessings. - God used Joseph's sufferings to lead him to His divine will for his life; becoming the second in command in Egypt and saving many lives. - The perfect will of God allowed Joseph to face pain as it was part of the path he needed to go through to fulfill his purpose.

Make peace in your mind that they will be certain things you are going to go through because God knows best. - God will use the detours and seasons of contradiction to lead you to your expected end.

1 John 5:14 You need to know God's will for the situations you are facing in order for you to pray His will to come to pass. - God knows which way to use to reach your destination.

Never underestimate the power of divine providence.

7. The triumph of God How does God gain through my prayer?


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