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The Object of Our Intercession II

Gospel Ramah Church

Bishop Tshalo Katshunga Date: 29 May 2019


John 17:1a The power of prayer is not in your praying but the one you are praying to.

1 John 5:14 The point of departure of prayer is God and not what you are telling Him. - Prayer is not a monologue but a dialogue. - Focus more on hearing what God has to say to you rather than what you want to say to Him.

Mark 7:6-7 Lips vs Heart - You say a lot but do not engage God with your heart. - God does not move if He sees that your heart is not engaged in your prayer to Him.

I. Inward devotion Giving your heart to God without reservation.

II. Purity of heart

The two spirits that oppose effective  prayer 1. Spirit of Distraction 1.1 Unwilling Distraction - Being distracted unwillingly. - God wants your full focus when you are in His presence. - Your flesh is the main cause of unwilling distraction - thinking of other things whilst you are meant to praying. This could be caused by the challenges you are facing, busyness, etc.

Psalm 100:4 When you enter God's presence you do so in thanksgiving. Thanksgiving overcomes the spirit of unwilling distraction.

1.2 Negligence Distraction Not putting measures in place to protect yourself from being distracted. - For example: your posture whilst praying, timing your prayers (checking your phone/watch), etc.

1.3 Voluntary Distraction The most dangerous of the three - Willingly getting distracted whilst you are meant to be praying. - For example: texting during your prayer time.

God requires your uttermost respect - You need to honor God for who He truly is.

2. Disturbances of location

Things that move us away from God's presence. 2.1 Agnosticism Dismissing truth as if there are many truths (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1) - The Bible starts with an affirmation; the presence of God is not debatable, He has a will, He has spoken it and He requires obedience. - When you read the Bible, you should not debate with God but submit to His Word. - The Word is there to help you address situations you face.

2.2 Rationalism When you lose reverence to the Word of God. - You justify your actions.

2.3 Formalism To disengage from the content and focus on the procedures. - The most important posture is the state of your heart and not kneeling/standing, etc.

2.4 Legalism To emphasis on things that are not essential. - Do not put emphasis on what is not important.

2.5 Humanism Dethroning God from the centrality of life. - When your will becomes the centre and not God's will. - A good intercessor begins by worshiping God and a bad intercessor begins with prayer requests.

Prayer points:

  • Lord, help us to get away from distractions as we go deeper into intercession.

  • Lord, help us to deal with disturbances of location.

  • Lord, may every student have peace as they write exams.


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