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The Reach of Effective Intercession

Gospel Ramah Church

Pastor Dominique Katshunga

5 May 2019


God has put His seal of ownership on you. - 2 Corinthians 1:22 - God chose you

Our strategy to succeed this year is to ensure that we Work smart, Intercede and Network (WIN).

Song of Solomon 2:12 A turtledove always sings but sings differently when it is spring time. - Intercession is a different type of prayer. - We are in a season where intercession is desperately needed.

Intercession can reach God, therefore intercession can reach anyone, invisible & visible; it can achieve anything.

1. What is intercession? It is involving heaven in earthly matters. - Action of intervening on behalf of another. - Mediating between two parties. - Taking the place of someone who can't do anything for themselves.

2. Focus of intercession  God is the focus of true and effective intercession. - It priorities what God wants, His plans and purpose for the situation. - It takes note on what God has promised and His prophetic Word. - It seeks the mind of God for every situation. - It focuses on what things ought to be according to God's purpose. - You pray the will of God into being.

Hebrews 10:5-10 When Jesus came on earth He came to fulfill God's will for humanity to be saved.

3. The path of effective intercession It starts in the invisible (spiritual realm) and then manifest in the natural last. - You need to seek God's wisdom first before tackling any situation. - Intercession resolves situations in the supernatural before the conclusion manifests in the physical. - Anything that is resolved in the natural will not last for long.

True warfare is conquered first in the spiritual realm before you experience victory in the natural. - Sometimes when you conquer in the spiritual, you experience attacks which are an indication of your soon to manifest victory.

4. The reach of effective intercession: i. It restores lives by triggering the supernatural. - Matthew 27:51-53; Isaiah 53 - Intercession restores lives. - God tore the 18 meter veil to give us direct access to Him and receive eternal life.

ii. It completes the puzzles of life - When you seek God's will, He will give you solutions to the problems you are facing.

Daniel 9:1-3 Nothing that happens is out of God's reach. - When Daniel read the prophetic word, He sought the face of God through prayer and fasting. - Daniel kept praying until God answered His prayer. He did not allow the delay of answer to stop him from trusting God to intervene. - Perseverance will result in the success of your intercession.

iii. It stops the plagues For example, curses - It puts an end to a viscous cycle you have been going through. - Numbers 16:41-50

iv. It sets the captives free Captives - Everything that the enemy has stolen from you. - Acts 12:5-10

5. Traits of effective intercession i. It is humble It acknowledges that you do not have the means to conquer and you need God's intervention.

ii. It is love It requires love for God and the person you are interceding for.

iii. It is hopeful You can not intercede effectively if you have no hope.

In the Kingdom of God; whatever is birthed in prayer is sustained by prayer. - Never try to sustain something birthed in prayer by natural means.

Prayer Point(s)

God help me not to move based on my own thoughts but according to Your will.


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