Who will Roll the Stone for Us?

Title: Who will roll the stone for us?

Preacher: Ps Beatrice Katshunga

Date: 12 January 2021

Many times we are faced with seemingly impossible situations and not sure how we will overcome them?

• What is the stone on the way of your destiny?

• There are situations we are not able to deal with on our own that we need God's intervention.

Fear and uncertainty causes you to hesitate to take any risks because of past disappointments.

There are situations that make you wonder if God is real and still at work in your life.

• Until you reach a place of surrendering to God, you will not be able to overcome what you are facing.

How we tend to deal with challenges:

1. Self

We tend to hide in our area of gifting and strengths when we are under pressure.

• It is important to be truthful with yourself about what is happening in your life and allow God to help you.

2. Others

People tend to run to others for help when they face difficulties.

• Psalm 127:1-2

• Isaiah 31:1

• Be careful of coming up with solutions without asking God for help.

• Learn to rely on God for help.

3. Run to God

He is the only one who is able to successfully overcome on your behalf.

• Talking to God is more important than talking to Man.

• When you pray, believe that God is able and willing to assist you.

2 Chronicles 20:12

• When you do not know what to do, seek God and He will do only what He can do.

• Believe God has your best interest at heart especially when it feels like all hope is lost.

Continue doing what God has called you to do regardless of what you are going through.

• Jeremiah 32:17

• The God who you pray to hears and answers prayers.


1. About the issues you need God's intervention.

2. For God to give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in all you do.

• Ask God what you need to do in the situation you are facing.

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